Evolution Hookah - Esca 23” For Sale

Evolution Hookah - Esca 23”

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Evolution Hookah - Esca 23”

Just the look of Esca Hookah is enough to tempt you to smoke. The curvy design like an Egyptian architecture, the height of Esca is 23” tall and it has a base of 8” diameter. It also comes with 7 mm bowl, stopper, taste free fire resistant hose, glass handle and glass connector.

  • Hand Blown
  • Easy Drag
  • Full Thick Smoke
  • Table Top Functionality
  • Double Glass
  • Unique Large Designs
  • One of a Kind Luxury

Parts Included:
Taste Free Fire Resistance Hose
Glass Mouth Tip
Glass Stopper
Glass Charcoal Tray
Glass Bowl
Glass Downstem (may be removable or built in)